About Us


At Shaw & Associates, we provide personalized accounting services to help individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals.

Our firm brings over 30 years of accounting expertise to meet all of your tax, audit, and financial reporting needs.

As a licensed CPA since 2001, Greg built his career on developing customized strategies to minimize clients' tax burden through proactive planning and optimization. Whether you're looking to create an estate plan, structure a small business entity, or get answers to your pressing tax questions, we're here to help.

What sets Shaw & Associates apart is our dedication to each and every client. Over the past three decades, Greg has fostered meaningful, long-lasting relationships by taking the time to understand unique needs and situations. We strive to provide thoughtful guidance you can trust and timely service you can rely on.

As a local firm focused on individualized attention, we embrace our Marshall roots to give you the best financial service possible. We look forward to learning about your financial situation and developing tailored solutions to help you successfully plan for your financial future. 

Meet Our On Staff Certified Public Accountants

Greg Shaw, CPA

Tom Vandendriessche, CPA

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